Bridging Finance

Short term funding options.

Whether you require a bridging loan for commercial or residential purposes, our advisers can help you every step of the way. Most people we speak with are not aware of the benefits of using this short term loan to get you from A to B and ignore this option. Our advisers take the time to discuss the risks involved and explain how this may benefit you and speed up your project allowing you to reap the full financial rewards in a shorter space of time.

It can take lenders weeks to complete a term loan, bridging loans can be ready in as little as 48 hours. Most lenders offer a variety of products to fit your needs. Lending spreads over residential, semi-commercial and commercial properties and land. Our advisers help you to clearly plan an exit route, putting in place a plan to pay off the loan or move the bridging loan onto a longer term finance product like a commercial mortgage.

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