Commercial Lending

Find out what financial products are available to grow your business.

The commercial finance market is growing, with lenders often releasing new products onto the market, competing on speed, service and flexibility, allowing your businesses the opportunity to expand.

Loans requirements vary from secured to unsecured. Secured loans as usually backed by property or assets which range from commercial property through to personal assets of the business owner. Unsecured loans do not require security, however due to the higher risk for the lender, they will usually look closely at your credit rating and may require a personal guarantee.

At IWP we look at your end objective along with your current business financial situation and guide you through the process end to end. Our advisers know how each lender operates, so they will also know what deals your business will likely be eligible for. We liaise with the lender on your behalf and deal with any problems that could cause unnecessary delays.

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