Safely unlock cash built up in your home.

Equity release schemes help those over the age of 55 to take advantage of the equity locked away in the value of their home in a secure way.

There are many benefits and reasons why you should consider Equity Release as a way of funding your retirement. At IWP, our qualified advisors are completely unbiased as we are able to offer a number of services outside this field, which is why we take the time openly discuss important factors and considerations for you, your family and your solicitor, to ensure it is the best and safest option.

Equity release options

  – Lifetime mortgage: you take out a mortgage secured on your property provided it is your main residence, while retaining ownership. You can choose to ring-fence some of the value of your property as an inheritance for your family. You can choose to make repayments or let the interest roll-up. The loan amount and any accrued interest is paid back when you die or when you move into long-term care.

    – Home reversion: you sell part or all of your home to a home reversion provider in return for a lump sum or regular payments. You have the right to continue living in the property until you die, rent free, but you have to agree to maintain and insure it. You can ring-fence a percentage of your property for later use, possibly for inheritance. The percentage you retain will always remain the same regardless of the change in property values, unless you decide to take further cash releases. At the end of the plan your property is sold and the sale proceeds are shared according to the remaining proportions of ownership.

Only once we have a clear understanding of your current finances and retirement plan, will we advise if equity release is the right choice for you and discuss the plan most suited to your needs.

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