Initial Consultation

Your IWP Wealth Planner will first provide information about IWP, how we would like to work with you, the services we can provide and the costs of these services.

Before making any recommendations, we seek to fully understand your situation. We will gather details on your personal and financial circumstances, taking into account your existing assets and resources.

From there, we will discuss your goals and aspirations as well as your attitude to risk. What we learn will form the foundations for our future analysis and recommendations.

By taking the time to really get to know you and what is important to you, we can deliver better outcomes.

Research and Analysis

As Independent Financial Advisers we will base our research on providers and products across the whole of the market.

As part of the Advice stage, your adviser will assess your objectives, review any existing plans you have in place, conduct research and based on your attitude to risk devise an investment strategy in order to recommend the most suitable solution tailored to you.


We present our written and verbal recommendations in a clear and straightforward way, based on the information you have provided.

With your signed agreement, we will implement the recommendation for you. We store a copy of our recommendations, supporting information and any other important documents you provide on your personal client site, which you can access.

At this stage there may be a charge incurred for the work carried out

Ongoing Service

If you want to make any adjustments to your plan or if your personal situation changes prior to your review meeting, you can use the secure messaging system on your client site to contact your Financial Adviser.

We conduct regular review meetings. During these meetings we:

    – Appraise your existing investments and review its performance in line with your attitude to risk and goals

    – Reassess your financial situation

    – Redefine your attitude to risk

    – Identify any further financial objectives

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