Pension Planning

A common dilemma for people is how to best fund their lifestyle once they have stopped working. The stark reality is the average age of retiring from the workforce is increasing and most pensioners rely on state benefits for a base level of income, leaving many strapped for cash at a time when they should be enjoying the freedoms of life. At IWP, we help you set up an affordable financial plan and come up with an income strategy to best suit your lifestyle – we help you prepare for the retirement you want.

Our Pension Services…

consolidation service

Multiple pension pots can be difficult to keep track of and manage. Make managing your retirement savings much more straightforward.

Starting a Pension

No matter your age, we will show you how to plan for a secure future.

Review Service

Review your pension fund to ensure it’s working for you.

Taking Benefits

FInd the best option to top-up your income.

The State Pension

Calculate your current pension age.

Employer Pension

Ensure you and your employees are making full use of the benefits available.