Regular Savings and Investment

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We all choose to invest for different reasons. You might be looking to save for retirement, your first home or simply for a rainy day. Whatever your financial goals, setting up a regular savings plan could provide a simple and effective way to help you reach your goals quicker.

With regular savings, you simply set up a direct debit and the money is automatically taken from your bank account each month and invested into your choice of Investment product.

When people talk about investing, the conversation often comes round to timing and when is the best time to enter the market, or to withdraw from the market.

Obviously the answer is to invest when the market is at its lowest and withdraw when it is at its highest. However, without the benefit of hindsight, no-one can predict exactly what the market will do, or when it will do it. This can present a problem for investors; not only to decide when to invest, but also when eventually to pull their money out of the market.

Our advisers will go through current market situations in detail, clearly listing potential benefits and risks. We also set up a plan to invest regular monthly payments or lump sums and discuss the benefits of both options. The end objective is always clear from both sides. Advisers will continuously work with you to monitor your savings and investments.

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